Congratulations to our winners!

TechConnect Ventures will award $215,000 to be split among one grand prize winner and ten focus area winners. They are:

  • Grand prize: Synthetik Applied Technologies, LLC, Texas $30,000
  • First place in security effectiveness: Wheel The WorldCalifornia, $25,000
  • Second place in security effectiveness: ITsimple, LCGeorgia, $20,000
  • Third place in security effectiveness: Complex Systems, Texas, $15,000
  • First place in operational efficiency: SecureInsights, LLC and Point FWDWashington, D.C., $25,000
  • Second place in operational efficiency: Larry Zeng and Megan Zeng, Utah, $20,000
  • Third place in operational efficiency: Daniel Saab, Ohio, $15,000
  • First place in passenger experience: HearRo, Inc.California, $25,000
  • Second place in passenger experience: Knightscope, Inc.California, $20,000
  • Third place in passenger experience: 101 Research LLCVirginia, $15,000
  • Most creative response: Identy, Inc.Delaware, $5,000

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), wants to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its security efforts, as well as improve passenger security screening experience by leveraging innovative approaches and technologies. To accomplish this mission, we’re sourcing the best possible solutions from you – the crowd – with the Power of Passengers Challenge.

Of particular interest to the agency are approaches that provide insight into: situational and/or operational awareness, security screenings, passenger arrivals, international arrival transfers, and COVID-19 recovery.

Prize Structure

The total prize pool for the Power of Passengers Challenge is $215,000 broken down in this way:

One grand prize for the proposal that has the greatest simultaneous impact on all three areas of interest (security effectiveness, operational efficiency, and passenger experience): $30,000

Each of the three areas of interest can award up to three prizes:

  • One first place prize per area of interest: $25,000
  • One second place prize per area of interest: $20,000
  • One third place prize per area of interest: $15,000

TechConnect Ventures may also award one special $5,000 prize to the response deemed most creative.